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Put down that phone!

Jul 16, 2014 -- 6:42pm
Just came off of a glorious 10 day vacation!    And this year, I really went out of my way to getaway from social media. 
No Facebook, no Twitter. 
And I lived to tell. 
It's a real re-charge when you can put the phone down.  
Apparently, not everyone can pull that off.  Case and point,   I was with my boyfriend on Rosemary Beach.  We had 5 days of beautiful sunshine, it was truly picture perfect.
I love people watching.  Or in this case, watching people watch their phones. 
Each day, I would sit at breakfast, and watch families each with their smart phones.  NO conversation.  Just scrolling away on the phone. 
At the Beach, under umbrellas, the gulf just as clear, a slight breeze .... and the phone. 
I just don't understand it.  We are missing out on looking up. 
It's going to be the downfall of this generation.  The neck problems, and hand /thumb cramps alone will hit by the thousands. 
What a shame.  You don't know what you're missing.  And it's not on that phone. 
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Fathers Day Gift Giving Guide! (you're welcome ;)

Jun 10, 2014 -- 4:47pm
Here's my first ever {but going to do it annually ;) }
Gift Giving Guide for dad!  
Stumbled up on BIRDIEBOX.COM
You can custom the box (Bubba Watson is part of it) and they send a box full of golf stuff... it's really cute, too! Starts at $75 and you can go from there. 
Speaking of Golf...Top Golf in Alpharetta is unbelievable!  Great night out, private course for guy/buddies.. great food, and you can hit golf balls til you can't swing anymore.  Go get a gift card! 
Spa Sydell has a ton of 'BAD BOY " gift packages.  You can choose one of them, or keep it simple and get a 90 min massage! 7 locations, I love spa sydell...   spasydell.com
( Big Burgundy Gift Certificate, it's very nicelooking!}
At Solomon Brothers... they have a $150 gift card toward a watch priced $500 or up.  They have the Techno Marine watches that are so nice!  Prices start at $290, but the play here is the $620 chronograph, then take advantage of the $150 off. 
They also have the Tacori cuff links, that I'm obsessed with!  Turquoise my fav!But they have black onyx, etc.  They're pricey, but you're dad's pretty great, right? 
Also, I would set up a dinner , maybe with his guy friends.  Call other wives, buy gift cards to say Davio's ,Dantanna's,  NY Prime, and take care of the 'GUYS NIGHT OUT! Get a $100 gift card, and he'll be thrilled. 
Very hot right now, are the bright colored, printed sox.  He will resist at first , but they've got a ton of them at Nordstrom Rack ( I was just there ) and they start at $7.99.  Great gift from kids!   You wear them with suits, Yes! Suits. 
Sports pkgs are great, too! 
Go get a cool Braves T shirt, then set up a family outting to future Braves game!  
Dollar Shave Club is awesome on line!  They send new razors, and cool shaving creams, candles, books, etc... Very affordable!! 
It's dollarshaveclub.com
Rick Reilly's new book "Tiger, Meet My Sister...: And Other Things I Probably Shouldn't Have Said" is fantastic.  It's a compilation of the best columns from the last five years.  It's on Amazon, also , at Target, and Bookstores everywhere! 
**Hope that helps! 
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Are you always like this?

Jun 02, 2014 -- 6:33pm
I usually arrive at the 680 offices between 8-8;30 each day.  
Good Morning! 
I smile, usually chatting with someone, making a joke, usually louder than I should be. 
Jeff Dauler from q100 asked me, ' ARE YOU ALWAYS LIKE THIS".
What , in a good mood?
 I responded... 
Usually.  Not always.... But usually. 
Last week I read the book ENERGY BUS, by Jon Gordon.  Falcons head coach Mike Smith makes this a must read for the new rookies, then he brings in Gordon in August to speak to the team 
It's a really, quick easy read.  I recommend it. 
It reminded me about being happy and high energy.  It reminded me to be grateful and kind to others.  It reminded NOT to let folks that are negative and narrow minded bring me down. 
I have certainly been through my share of bad times.  A very tough divorce, losing jobs, putting my cat down last year, my grandmother passing.....but, at each tough turn, after the tears, I'm ok. 
Not only ok, but I refuse to let the Energy Vampires around me bring me down. ( book reference, i'm telling you, you'll love the book! )
So, Jeff Dauler , tweeted on Friday, " you know that person in the office that is always smiling, and says good morning, @sportsandra is that person".
Made my day! What a nice thing that someone would say about me.  That I'm always happy. 
I certainly am today. 
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Nothing to look at , move along.

May 14, 2014 -- 9:59am
Just finished watching Michael Sam at his first press conference with the St. Louis Rams.  Nothing to see here..... move along.  They're talking football. 
A standing room only crowd was there are Jeff Fisher, Les Snead , and Michael Sam took questions.
Most were about Sam, to Sam. 
The SEC co defensive player of the year was flawless.  No matter the question, no matter the tone, he redirected the answer to football.
I know everyone is curious as to how this is going to work, the first openly gay football player in an NFL lockerroom.  
Ask Missouri how it worked.  The majority of Mizzou's football team knew about Michael's sexuality.  It wasn't a factor. 
As the Tigers won the SEC East, and competed for a Conference title.
Michael had 10 1/2 Sacks and 18 tackles for loss.  Teams would have to game plan for him.  He was that good at Missouri.
After the presser was over, the ESPN cameras panned over to the group picture of all the rookies.  No one was avoiding Michael, no one was treating him difference, no one was awkward.
What I watched was a football player being introduced to the world at his rookie press conference. That's all. 
That's it.
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I love Twitter! Sorry , I'm not sorry!

Apr 22, 2014 -- 9:25pm
I love twitter.
I get a real pleasure out of game tweeting.  You know, you sit down in front of the telly, and have the iPhone next to ya.  
Listeners are responding, tweeting facts, cheering our Braves on, criticizing, cursing, 
The point being, there's a new found way to watch games on TV with the Twitter world.
We have a connection.
If you're not an active participant, you should have never started to read this blog.  I'm telling you, I find joy in hearing from you on twitter.  I do feel like we're all watching together.
( get a life, Sandra Golden... I can hear you .... )
But when I talk to peeps at the station the morning after... or from Players who are paying attn to the twitterworld.... they feel it too.
Radio is one way we all connect...this keyboard...wait excuse me, I still use a keyboard..... 
This ipad, iPhone...is another.
Siri appreciates the twitter connection.
So do i.
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Stop the Madness

Mar 31, 2014 -- 8:00pm
Enough of the Madness
It only took 25 games for everyone to be eliminated in the Billion Dollar Bracket.  
In fact, this year's NCAA tournament had folks shredding their bracket work after the first weekend.  So how did that affect how you watched or paid attention to the tournament? 
Brian Finneran brought up a great point this morn.... Dickie V and Co said this was the greatest sporting event in history? 
The NCAA tournament, and final four weekend isn't in my top 5~! Sorry I'm not sorry.
I like to watch cinderella's run, but that's it.
I think it's the most overhyped of the over kill in sports. 
Even Charles Barkley is bored by the whole thing. 
I was intrigued by Sir Charles and his body language on the CBS set this weekedn.  He's so over it.  And his suits don't fit properly, but that's another discussion.
They're asking him to wax poetic about UCONN! ? 
Can we just give the Trophy to Florida and call it a day.
Stop the Madness.
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