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Feb 27, 2015 -- 3:08pm
Heard a lot of talk about Rhonda fighting men this morning, yet no mention of her being an Olympic Silver Medalist in Judo and winning 8 straight fights in MMA by armbar.  If she fought a male I don't think she'd even throw a punch. She could easily rag doll any male off the street even one who has trained for a year as you guys spoke of. She'd win in under a minute for sure.
This is coming from a guy who's trained Judo and Jujitsu and out weights her by 30lbs. I wouldn't last 30 seconds :) and I can't stand the woman either. 
Hometeam doesnt care about Olympic Medals...
All 29th’s are not the same.
The Braves gave away what little power and HR’s they had.
Now they have less which means any game they were close to winning last year is that much further away.
If the lost a game 3-2 last year at least they had a punchers chance to come back and win it.
Giving away what little power you had makes that an impossibility.
Pizza at Pasta Vino tonight!!!
It’s a myth.
The problem with some of these surveys is all they did was take all women and all men who work full time and average it all out.
They didn’t take into account the various fields of service.
Men tend to lean towards the engineering fields.
Petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering etc.
Good paying jobs.
Women lean toward the social services field.
School counselors, teachers , social workers.
That pays crap
In reality, the pay difference between men and women is about a nickel.
Hardly a salary gap issue.
Someone once said, “You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate”.
If you negotiate a shitty salary….thats your problem.
Rudy C
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Christopher Rude Caption Contest

Feb 27, 2015 -- 3:05pm

Christopher Rude Caption Contest

'Christopher Rude Caption Contest'
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