Random Thoughts for 4/6

Apr 06, 2014 -- 1:08pm

Braves setting up a nice Home Opening Week

It is always the goal to win every series. When you have a winning road trip, that is even a bigger success. The Braves took care of business on the Opening road trip by winning both series. It sets an excellent tone for the season and shows a focus coming out of Spring that creates optimism in the fan base. The starting pitching has been amazing and the team is playing flawless defense. Add in a healthy dose of a quality bullpen with the best closer in baseball and things are looking good. Again, I don't care about the standings in April. Yet we all know that you CAN play yourself out of contention with a horrible start. Atlanta has avoided that!

Kentucky proving guys like me wrong

In the regular season the Kentucky Wildcats were not even good enough to be ranked. They entered the NCAA Tourney as an 8 seed. They may just exit with another title. I could not have been more wrong when I questioned whether they were mentally tough enough to face the challenge ahead. In my defense, they had given little reason for belief. Credit Coach Cal for another great job of working the system. Just don't talk about student athletes and use Kentucky in the same sentence. If it was my University, I would not be proud.

Masters Week

Even without Tiger Woods, the Masters has guys like me tuning in. The problem for golf is that you need more than the average white, middle aged, professional male to be interested! Golf can brag about all the young guns, but none of them are generating any of the buzz that Tiger did coming up. You can package them in ad campaigns all they want, but golf is slowly rescinging to pre-Tiger interest levels.

DeSean Jackson and Stephen A Smith

If you know me, you know that I have long been a fan of Stephen A Smith. The interview he did with DeSean Jackson was his worst effort ever on what is still supposed to be a journalistic stage. In a clear effort to get the first interview, Stephen A lobbed soft balls and got many relevant facts wrong. In fact, it was clear he never even read the article from NJ.com on the alleged gang ties. When an interview appears on Sportscenter, it should be held to a journalistic standard as news. This was an infomercial for DJax, complete with fake Urkel glasses to make him look less like a wannabe gangster and more business like. We know that he conducts his football business off the field poorly. He is so talented, maybe a change of address will inspire him!

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