Random Thoughts for February 13th

Feb 13, 2015 -- 8:14am


We are just ten days away from our first Spring Training broadcast of 2015. All the 680 shows will be visiting with the Braves leading us right up until Opening Day.

I am feeling swallowed up by the collective negative vibe all over the town as the Braves address their plan to try and get back in contention in the NL. After 25 years of sustained contention, a short respite to re-tool was needed. It seems as if the overwhelming position of the fan base is wake me up when we get to the new ballpark in 2017.

I am actually MORE interested in the 2015 Braves than the last few seasons. I did not expect that the Braves were bringing home a World Series crown going into the past few seasons. I knew that if they wanted another long window of opportunity it would take some tough decisions being made. John Hart executed that plan this off-season. Does it make 2015 have a great expectation? No. Is it a great chance to start getting a glimpse of the future? Yes.

An ESPN Insider told me that the Braves major league club may have had the worst off-season of any team, but the ORGANIZATION could have had the best. I love that message. if it is all about trying to win a title and setting yourself up for success in the new stadium, this was the time to make these decisions. I applaud the Braves for having the courage to do it.

My pre-Spring Training expectations? If they get to the opening of Falcons Camp playing respectable baseball and are still in the wild card hunt, we should all smile a little.


I am on the record as officially drinking the Dan Quinn Kool Aid. I am fully engaged as to his message and plan. Put me on the record as questioning the DC hire and being very enthusiastic about the OC hire.

Kyle Shanahan was a sought after commodity. He has interviewed for 3 NFL HC jobs. He had a chance to join any number of teams this off-season as their OC. Quinn landed the top guy available with NFL experience and Matt Ryan will benefit from it. Finally we will have an OC that not only talks about wanting balance, but one who will come up with a plan to get it.

Quinn and the Falcons are a solid match. This team needs a defensive overhaul. I did not see a better option to come in with a fresh approach. I also respect the fact that the Falcons waited to get their man. Impressive.

Can't wait to see what the plan is in FA and the Draft. It looks good from where I am sitting.


Are you paying attention to the Georgia Bulldogs Hoops team? if not, you may be jumping on the bandwagin in a few weeks. I am a college hoops fan, mainly because Temple University was so inept at football we waited anxiously for hoops season and something to brag about.

Mark Fox is sitting pretty to deliver around 22 wins before the SEC Tourney. If he can win a few games OR beat Kntucky on 3/2 in Athens they will have a visit to the dance. It would be great to have another story to talk about!


Thanks again for making me the top sports follow in ATL on Twitter for 11 of the past 12 months! @johnkincade is where you can engage and debate!

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Strike Out Leukemia / Lymphoma Radiothon 2015

Feb 13, 2015 -- 8:11am

It is amazing to me seeing the generosity of our listeners every year for the "Strike Out Leukemia and Lymphoma Radiothon" on 680 The Fan!

This will be the 15th year of the event, making it one of the longest running and most successful fundraisers of its kind in the country.

You can donate now here on the 680 website or wait until the day of the event!

The Radiothon is Friday, February 20th from 6am - 7pm.

We will be live at the PGA Superstore in Duluth if you would like to stop by and make a donation in person.

We continue to set records, all because of you and your generous support! Thanks for being a big part of this event every year!

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