Random Thoughts for 12/9

Dec 09, 2014 -- 8:39am


There are 2 cliches that drive me crazy in the sports world. One of them is that a team "controls its own destiny" and another is "glass half empty". These can certainly mistakenly be applied to the 5-8 Atlanta Falcons.

One, you can't control destiny if you actually understand and believe there is a concept of destiny. The Falcons are in a great position thanks to their play within the NFC South to win just their final 2 games and advance as a division champion at 7-9. The Pittsburgh game this Sunday is actually meaningless. They can't climb in the NFC rankings and so Sunday is a house money game. They can make a great statement, but that is about it. The Falcons performance on MNF is apealing to many "glass half empty" fans too. There is no such thing. You can be half full, but you can't be half empty! There is no reason to be looking at Mondays defeat as anything but positive. You entered one of the toughest venues in the NFL against a SB contender and did not roll over when down 31-7.

Fact is, you were behind 31-7 for a reason. You also came back for a reason, because this team hyas not quit on the Coach and has heart and pride. They may be 5-8, but I admire the effort they put out in GB.


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