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10 Athletes that were gone from Atlanta too soon

Nov 19, 2014 -- 10:41am

Jason Heyward becomes the latest in a long line of Atlanta athletes who have exited our wonderful city way before any of us would have ever expected. We should almost be used to it. Some have left in hand cuffs. Some left because their talent left them quickly. Some drank themselves out of Atlanta. Some didn't fit the brand.  Here is a sad reminder of what I am talking about.

The 10 Atlanta athletes who were gone way too soon...All for a variety of different reasons.


Jeff Francoeur

Brett Favre

Deion Sanders

Mike Vick

Dominique Wilkins

Tom Glavine

David Justice

Adam Wainright ( Never even got here)


The entire Atlanta Thrashers Franchise


And now Jason Heyward

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7 things i want to believe can happen in our great city

Oct 07, 2014 -- 10:12am

1 - I want Antone Smith to get more touches and get them now!
2 - I want Todd Gurley to have a shot to play for a national title.
3 - I want more from the Ga. Tech- UGA game than just state bragging rights.
4 - I want the Braves to convince another team that BJ Upton has something left and is a bargain at $15 mill a year. (good luck)
5 - I want the Hawks to matter locally for more than just one week in late April.
6 - I want Tech or Georgia to make the NCAA Tourney in the next decade.
7 - I want Ted Turner to buy the Hawks and Braves again.

I don't think I'm asking for much.  

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New Monday 5

Dec 09, 2013 -- 10:28am

1 - Congrats to Bobby Cox on his HOF entry. Well deserved. Just think he might be considered the greatest of all time if the Braves won titles in 1991, 1996, ect.

2 - I can't wait to see a healthy Julio Jones running around and catching balls in 2014.

3 - The Hawks are on track for a 42 win season...oy

4 - I think the Braves might surprise with a big move at the WInter Meetings

5 - Bowl season bores me...I wish i still gambled on games

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New Monday 5

Oct 28, 2013 -- 7:41am

1 - It is an NFL fans worst nightmare to realize your team is out of the playoff race before Halloween. Well that is where the Falcons fans are now.

2 - The Georgia-Florida winner has some life in the SEC East. The loser will stamp its season as an unbelievable faliure.

3 - Florida St. is the best team in America IMHO

4 - NFL games in London annoy me. Now I see the league wants as many as 8 games a year in London...oy

5 - This World Series while not capturing America has had a little bit of everything and has been really entertaining


I love blackjack. I love craps. I love America

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New Monday 5

Oct 14, 2013 -- 9:31am

1 - With the Falcons off yesterday I got to watch a ton of NFL games and it is true this league is closer than it has ever been in talent from team to team.  A 10 win team and a 6 win team look really similar.

2. I watched Sean Payton go conservative against the Pats and it cost him. He essentially gave Tom Brady 3 chances late in the game to beat his team and Brady took advantage.

3. After watching Georgia dig out of a 28-10 halftime hole to get within 28-26, Todd Grantham's defense couldn't stop a backup QB who was playing for the 1st time. Add to it the freshmen QB was playing in a hostile environment. Now is the time to make the change...I mean today.

4. Georgia Tech dropped their 3rd straight game and once again we are watching the lack of talent catch up to Tech against legitimate competition. The program has been in decline for 3 years and it is not getting better.

5. I saw a rumor that the Falcons are interested in trading for Hakeem Nicks. I would not go there. This team has so many holes and to give up a draft pick for a rental player is not worth it.

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5 deep thoughts

Sep 30, 2013 -- 10:18am

1 - The Falcons were supposed to be special on offense. Special means scoring 30+ points a game and so far the offense is average as grits.

2 - The Braves injuries could have derailed the season like injuries derailed the Nats, Yankees, and Phillies seasons. The Braves winning 96 games with all the injuries is incredibly impressive.

3- Mark Richt has beaten Steve Spurrier and Les Miles in back to back SEC games.

4 - Aaon Murray played another huge game in a big spot. He was outstanding again Saturday

5 - Lane Kiffin failures are not his fault. They are the fault of the Raiders, Tennessee and USC. You hired a guy who has not prepared to handle any of those jobs.

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